About Us

Menatek is a contract manufacturer and an integrator for; Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing and Test Bench Designing, Sub-tier Sourcing and Project Management. We offer manufacturing and engineering solutions for production and testing of various parts, assemblies and subsystems related to Armored Land Vehicles.

We specialize in the production of parts belong to Suspension Systems, Running Gear Systems, Engines, Power Transmission Systems, Brake Systems, Lubrication Systems, Fuel Systems, Exhaust Systems, Chassis and Heating/Cooling Systems.

Throughout the years, Menatek had supplied a wide range of products for the vehicles: M1 Abrams, Bradley, Humvee, M60, M109, M110, M113,Leopard 1&2, Puma, MLRS, K9 Thunder & K10 ARV.

Our primary customers are United Sates Army, German Army, Spanish Army and Turkish Armed Forces. We supply various products to these National Armies as well as prime/sub-contractors worldwide in accordance with ITAR. Menatek is also an approved prime contractor for NSPA.

In addition to supporting aftermarket, Menatek currently produces subsystems and parts as an OEM.