Company History

M.S. Mechanical Engineer Kazim Unal established Menatek in 1994 after his retirement from the Military. Mr.Unal served the Turkish Military for 25 years and retired as a Colonel. As the Head Engineer of the Army, Mr.Unal successfully conducted the biggest Battle Tank and Howitzer modernization projects in the history of Turkish Republic.

During his service, he gained professional experience on production of Armored Vehicle Parts and also got the chance to know the best suppliers in the Turkish Manufacturing Industry. Combining this experience and network Menatek expanded rapidly as a government contractor. Through years Menatek has become an expert on the production of Military Spare Parts; such as Mechanic, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electromechanical.

Menatek has been competing actively in the Local-Production and OEM–Supply bids of the Turkish Armed Forces since it is established. With the confidence of gaining experience in manufacturing and constructing a strong, widespread supplier network, Menatek has managed to produce numerous parts using the capabilities of the Turkish Manufacturing Industry. On the other hand, Menatek supplied Military products of pioneer companies in the sector like ZF, Renk and MTU to the Turkish Armed Forces.

In the year 2000, Menatek has become the certified subcontractor of 2 different companies in United States. It began to export Military Parts to the U.S. Government over these companies using the best of Turkey’s facilities and capabilities. In 2005, Menatek passed all the financial, administrative, security and technical inspections of the U.S. Government and became a registered Prime Contractor of the U.S. Government. Until 2015 Menatek successfully delivered over 15 contracts as the prime contractor and over 75 contracts as the subcontractor to U.S. Government.

During the first decade of 2000, Menatek also started competing in the Engine and Transmission Test Unit tenders. Cooperating with a local partner, Menatek delivered more than 10  Engine and Transmission Test Units to the Military factories in Turkey. Menatek designed and manufactured the mechanical portions of these projects.

In 2013, Menatek started producing subsystems for Armored Vehicles. This might be one of the most important milestones in Menatek`s history. Menatek is currently producing the complete brake system of the newly produced K10 ARV for the Turkish Army.