Quality Management

Menatek is managed with Total Quality Management approach and known as a trusted company for its sense of quality and efficiency.

To achieve sustainability in high quality;

-We carefully study our customers` technical requirements and follow their instructions,

-We follow strict rules while registering our vendors as -Menatek Approved Suppliers- and sign inclusive  agreements with them,

-We make unannounced on-site visits to our suppliers,

-We deliver our products to our customers after performing the assembly, final quality control and tests in-house(Although we trust our suppliers to a great extend). (Mil-Spec tests like Mil-Std-810 are outsourced to certified Government and private labs) and

-We renew our machines to avoid deterioration of their accuracy.

Menatek is an ISO 9001 registered company since the year 2000. We pay close attention to the Quality Certifications of all the suppliers whom we qualify as -Menatek Approved Suppliers-. These suppliers have Quality Certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 16949, OHAS 18001, AS 9100 and etc. Menatek makes the supplier selections precisely considering the technical specifications and quality requirements of the items.