Suspension Systems

Menatek manufactures and assembles complete Suspension Systems for Armored Land Vehicles. We are also able to perform various tests on rotary dampers, torsion bars and complete wheel stations. Menatek offers many different suspension components, including, but not limited to:

Wheel Stations consist of;

Forged&EDM cut Rotary Dampers, forged&hollow-cast Arm Assemblies, forged&cast Main Cases/Suspension Housings and forged Wheel Hubs,

Idler Gear Assemblies consist of;

Forged Idler Arms and Wheel Hubs,

Track Tensioners consist of;

Forged Pistons an&d Cylinders,


Forged Torsion Bars.

Menatek is especially experienced with Suspension Systems of the Vehicles: M1, M60, M88, M109, M113, Humvee, Bradley, Leopard 1 & 2, K9 and K10.