Built to Print & TDP Generation

Build to Print Manufacturing and Technical Data Package Generation

Menatek have comprehensive engineering knowledge due to manufacturing a diverse range of products for Armored Land Vehicles, longer than 2 decades. Our Engineering Team is capable of reading the most complex 2D technical drawings and converting them into 3D CAD & CAM models. We use state of the art 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC Cutting & Grinding Machines which are able to achieve micron level precision. We are experienced in cutting various types of materials like alloy steels, carbon steels, high strength low alloy steels, Armor Steels, Aluminum Titanium, Inconel and other Exotic Metals.  

If there is insufficient Technical Data to begin with, Menatek can reverse engineer sample(s) provided by the customer after confirming there are no license conflicts. We use our 3D CMMs to make 0.1 micron precise measurements in Temperature controlled labs. The collected dimensional data is electronically transferred to 3D CAD and CAM Softwares in order to create the 3D CAD & CAM models of the item(s). Considering the fit and function of the item our engineering team determines the dimensional tolerances for manufacturing. Gathering up and structuring all the data, Menatek generates a TDP for the item(s) consisting of 2&3D drawings as well as the quality control and test requirements.