"As Menatek, we open the door to high quality and cost-effective manufacturing possibilities to our customers by using the full capability of the Turkish Manufacturing Industry while taking full responsibility on our side"

Manufacturing Capabilities

Menatek manufactures only defense related articles since the day of its establishment in 1994. We manufacture build-to-print parts, assemblies and subsystems. We are capable of performing complex CNC Machining&Grinding, Assembly, Mil-Spec Painting&Packaging in-house and we outsource all other kinds of manufacturing processes to -Menatek Approved Suppliers- in Turkey. We offer a wide range of supplier options to our customers, in order to satisfy their requirements. Our engineering team works in collaboration with our suppliers, before and during the manufacturing stage, making sure they deliver 100% reliable products. We believe that staying in close contact with our suppliers and assisting them with our know-how in manufacturing defense articles is the key to our success.   

Menatek works with the best suppliers in Turkey capable of doing processes such as;

Casting: Sand casting, Investment casting, Shell-Mold casting, Vacuum Casting, Die Casting

Forging: Die Forging, Aluminum Forging, Ring Roll Forging, Upset Forging

Forming: Deep drawing, Flow Forming, Spinning, Roll Forming 

Gear Manufacturing: Hobbing, Form Milling, Spiral Bevel Gear Manufacturing


Extrusion and other minor operations such as;

Welding, Coating and etc.