You can have a special future with your high knowledge and unique talents but at least as another important point is being compatible with yourself and others. Menatek supports to people's high knowledge and professional skills. On the other hand, Menatek rises with people who believe in the strength of team compatibility.
Human Resources Vision and Policy
  • By providing an innovative, dynamic and sustainable working environment that supports Menatek's strategies to make employees feel valued.
  • Selecting members of Menatek family are among people who have strong communication skills, self-discipline, open-minded for new experiences.
  • We try to provide an instructive academic place, especially for engineers to develop technical & creative skills of them.
  • We aim to be the most desired institution in the industry and we aim to protect this status to get more effective applications.
Our basic Human Resources policy is giving importance to development principles as objective evaluation, equal opportunity, the participation of employees in management, encouraging development and continuing education. The principle of equality is observed in recruitment and promotions. Any evaluations are made based on performance, knowledge and experience plus communication skills.
Current Jobs
You could visit Menatek’s Linkedin or profiles to follow job opportunities.
Recruitment Process
If any position is required, the hiring process is determined by Human Resources and the recruitment process is initiated via internet postings. The applications that we received which are evaluated first. Available candidates are evaluated through interviews attended by human resources, relevant managers and the general manager. Successful candidates are placed in suitable positions. Every candidate is informed as a result of the interview.

Along with the competencies required by the positions, having the following features is also expected from the candidates.
  • Solution-Oriented
  • Tendency to teamwork
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Desire to learn and improve
  • Pay Due Attention to the Privacy Policy
  • High internal motivation
  • Self Confident
  • Open-minded
Internship programs aim to guide students who may be our potential employees in the future by allowing them to get to know the business environment and the company culture of Menatek closely.

Please send your CV and cover letters to "[email protected]" for any Job/Internship announcements.
Work Environment