Eurosatory 2018
Menatek held launch ceremonies at Eurosatory.
Producing such subsystems as suspension track equipment, torsion bars, hydromechanical pumps and gearboxes for wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles, Menatek exports a significant proportion of its production abroad. Menatek was one of the two Turkish companies that held launch ceremonies at Eurosatory, organising an event on the third day to introduce its NAZ bearing and its MeVu periscope, both of which are produced for armoured vehicles, to the sector representatives.
The MeVu periscope has been developed as a variant of the M27-type driver’s periscope used on M113 armoured personnel carriers and M48 and M60 tanks. The periscope, made of mono-block glass, requires no maintenance, unlike those made of more than one piece of glass. Company officials claim that once the product is mounted on a vehicle, there is no need to replace it until it gets damaged or hit. The periscope, indigenised by the company, does not mist over, even in cold weather, thanks to the electric heaters at its upper and lower ends, providing a clear view to the driver.

Offering the user level 3 ballistic protection according to STANAG 4569, the glass used in the periscope is produced with a special film coating to provide protection against lasers, the use of which in combat has been expanding. This protects the driver’s eyes against lasers at certain wavelengths. The durability of the periscope allows being cleaned very easily with high-pressure water jets.

The company’s NAZ bearing has been developed for use on wheeled armoured vehicles, at the point of connection between the wishbone and shock absorber, as well as between the shock absorber and chassis. The composite-featured liner cloth used on the product, and its self-lubrication feature, require no maintenance, as long as no damage has been incurred. Made of high-quality armour steel, and having been subjected to heat treatment, the product can withstand an instantaneous dynamic load of 690 mPa 200,000 times in a smooth manner.

Commenting on their bearing solutions, Naz Ünal, Marketing and Business Development Director at Menatek, said: “We are one of the few companies in the world that are capable of producing such types of bearings. I also would like to underline that another advantage offered by our bearing solution, which embodies a much more innovative technology compared to our competitors, is its reasonable price.”