IDEAS 2022 Pakistan Press Release
Witness Türkiye’s Holistic Manufacturing Capabilities, in Pakistan!
An immersive solution for the global supply crisis is on Menatek Defense Technologies’ agenda for our existing clients and to all industry partners that are undergoing through the same procurement difficulties.

Being the largest supply chain manager and a manufacturer of tracked and wheeled military purpose vehicles in Türkiye, Menatek have been cooperating with US Army, NATO, and Turkish Army since 2000. Through our MRO, modernization & localization solutions, we can proudly say that more than 150.000 different components in our technical data inventory have been delivered uncompromising quality standards to almost 30 countries.

Menatek’s ongoing and growing plan is to turn Türkiye into one giant factory by creating a manufacturing & procurement eco-system. With our innovative and goal driven team of professionals and this solid background, we can’t wait to showcase our capabilities in Pakistan.

Menatek have been making important meetings with Pakistani Army for the last years. Furthermore, Pakistan and Türkiye have an everlasting friendship which goes way back. Therefore, we are even more motivated to be there and building possible partnerships with Pakistani Army and other exhibitors.

Join us at booth number HALL 1 – A17 to experience Türkiye’s manufacturing capabilities with Menatek’s know-how of engineering services, product variety and quality standards.