IDEF 2019 Post Show Report
Menatek unveiled SUR at IDEF’19, as a newly developed composite armour solution.
Serving prime contractors both in Turkey and abroad as a reliable sub-system supplier in the field of land vehicles, Menatek unveiled SUR at IDEF’19, as a newly developed composite armour solution, showcasing also its existing product family and production capabilities.

At a launch meeting held on the second day of the event, Menatek introduced the SUR armour family that has been developed as an add-on armour solution for light armoured vehicles. In tests performed shortly before IDEF’19, SUR was confirmed as meeting STANAG 4569 level 3 and level 4 protection requirements. The limits of the product were tested with side shot, quick shot, slow shot, multi shot and angle shot tests.

Unlike conventional composite armour, SUR has been developed using a special polymer material and laminating technology that can absorb 25 percent more energy than any other armour application of the same weight when compared to its competitors using conventional technologies. The armour can stop a 7.62×51 mm bullet with a tungsten-carbide core at a speed of 930 m/s, as a requirement of STANAG 4569 level 4 protection, and a bullet travelling at 1,073 m/s under normal conditions.

The company aims, in a short time, to further improve the product to achieve level 5 protection in the first stage, and then to continue its efforts to attain a level 6 protection level. Commenting on SUR, Naz Ünal, Director of Business Development and Strategy at Menatek, said: “When it comes to armour systems, there are more than 30 different parameters that determine performance. Finding the optimum solution that meets the need by adjusting all these parameters is a very challenging engineering problem. What we have developed in a very short period of time is a product that is far superior to its competitors, thanks to the 30 years of in-depth engineering experience behind us.”

New Product Launch in September
Meanwhile, Menatek is resuming preparations for the launch of a new software-based capability that will be launched at DSEI in the United Kingdom in September. Speaking about this new product, Ünal said: “With this software, which we have been working on for over a year, we will be able to increase capacity utilisation in manufacturing in Turkey, while offering more focused services to our customers.”